Endnoteweb, cwyw and APA 6th


My coworker has a problem with her cwyw, first she does not have access to APA 6th. Is there a link, or something, because I can’t find it. But on my computer I have it. We both use Endnoteweb and word 2010.

The second problem, she is using the style APA 5th, is that some, not all, of her citations are being shown wrong. E.g. instead of

(Friestad, 2005)

Friestad, C. (2005). Tilbudet til volds- …

It’s displayed in the text as (C. Friestad, 2005).

It only happens in this document. and, as said, with some of the references not all.

For exampel if I log on her account, and try to use the reference in another document, it works just fine.

The citation error is probably because she is using two citations which have Friestad as the first author and the two in the library are entered slightly differently so Endnote is trying to disambiguate them.  Using the citation in a different document on its own, doesn’t invoke this ambiguous setting.  If they edit both records in the library to be exactly the same (copy and paste the authors name from one to the other) the problem should go away. 

Thank you for your reply, we’ll try that.

Do you also know here she might find APA 6th for her endnoteweb? Or change the setings?

It seemed like a possible solution, because Friestad is used in three references. In two of these with co-authors. After having checked that her name was spelled correctly in the library: Friestad, Christine and pressed update bibliography.
  We ended up with three variations of the name in the text:
C. Friestad 2005
Christine Friestad & Kjeldsberg 2009
Friestad & Hansen 2004

Only the last is correct. But it seemes like endnot is trying to disambiguate them.

Yes, copy and paste the whole name from one of those records to replace that in the other two. 

There is a subtle difference - even an extra space can trick Endnote into treating them as distinct authors. 

Hi again Leanne,

Well it sort of worked for two out of three… must be something similar.

and in all three are all the authors all listed on a line of their own, and Surname, exact same firstname?