Problem with Permissions


We have RefMan databases within a folder on our network. Only one user (user 1) is given full control of the database to update / delete the database. All other users need to only be able to view the database and should not have permissions to update / delete it. I have assigned the correct permissions.

User 1 can access the database, edit / delete it with no problems. When other users that have read, list folder content permissions try to access the database, they receive the errors: “Failed to open the database” & “Error 11012 The database must be opened with read-write exclusive access”. I have set the Access Rights (drop down menu that appears when opening a database) to “Read - Write Share, Read - Only Share, Read - Write Exclusive” but the same errors continue to appear. Does a user need to have full control of the database in order to just openthe database? Please advise.

Hope to hear from someone soon.


John Hogan.

That is a problem indeed. We would appreciate it very much if a patch or future Reference Manager version would allow such a straightforward handling of user access rights.