Change Database Sort Order problem in RefMan 11.0.1

I have a large database of over 25,000 records which I converted from ProCite.  I want to change the sort order for this database.  But when I go to the “Change Database Sort Order” dialogue box, the dropdown list only shows “Default Setting for New Database.”  Nowhere does it show the current database for which I actually want to change the sort order.  What can I do?


It sounds like you may have not opened your database with Read-Write Exclusive permissions.  To verify this, click the “File” menu inside Reference Manager and choose “Close Database”.  Once you are seeing the gray background screen of the Reference Manager program window, click “File>Open Database”.  Before selecting your database, in the bottom left hand corner of this window, set the “Access rights” drop down to “Read-Write Exclusive”.  After you have opened your database with Read-Write Exclusive permissions, try clicking “Tools>Change Database Sort Order…” again.  Please let me know if this works for you. 

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