Error 11012 - Failed to open database


I am currently using Reference Manager 11.0. I have installed this version on a new laptop (due to replacement of the old one), and I am not able anymore to open my old database. When I double-click the database file in Windows Explorer (‘Reference Manager Data File’), Reference Manager opens but the message ‘Failed to open the database xxx.’ appears. After clicking OK the message ‘Error (11012) The database must be opened with Read-Write Exclusive access rights.’ appears. However, when I try to open the database file via the File → Open Database… menu in Reference Manager, choosing the requested access rights, I still get the same two messages. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thank you very very much in advance!

PS: I have Windows Vista Ultimate on my new computer.


If you have confirmed that no other user has the database open and the error persists, the database may have a corrupt .RMX (index) file. The solution is to rebuild the database as follows:

CAUTION: Do not attempt to rebuild any database without first creating a backup of it. If any data loss occurs during the rebuild process, it will be unrecoverable.  Remember that each database consists of two files, *.RMD and *.RMX.

1.)    Create a backup of the database in question. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the directory that contains the database.  If located on a network drive, copy the *.RMD file to your desktop. If the database is on your local drive make a copy of the *.RMD file and paste it onto your desktop. 

2.)    Save all work in all open programs and close them, with the exception of Reference Manager if open. If Reference Manager is closed, launch it, ensuring that all open databases are closed.

3.)    Disable any Anti-Virus, Crash Guard, E-Mail and Screen-Saver programs that are running.

4.)    Within Reference Manager, select Rebuild Database from the Tools menu.  Browse and select the *.RMD file that you saved to your desktop and Rebuild it.  Read the warning message, then click OK and the rebuild process will begin.

5.)    Once the database rebuild has finished it will report whether or not it found any errors.  Click OK, then click Close.

6.)    If the rebuild completed successfully you should now be able to open and use the database.  Open it to confirm this.  Once you are satisfied you can close the database and use Windows Explorer to copy the *.RMD file and the newly created *.RMX file from your desktop back to the original location of the database, overwriting the corrupt files.

Please let me know if this helps.