Problem with references in groups - Endnote X1

I wnoder if anyone has had this problem, which is a very recent occurence for me…

When I opened my library recently, several groups do not display their references at all - the reference pane is blank and nothing can be selected within it. Also, any refs copied into the groups also “disappear” instantly. The status bar says that the refs are there, and they can be seen and used by going to “all references”, but I cannot use those particular groups affected, which is rather irritating!

I have ~20 groups, and this affects maybe 5 or so. I’m not sure if I have just accidently changed a setting somewhere, but I can’t seem to get them to re-appear…

Can anyone help me please ?!

There was a known issue related to Groups in EndNote X1 that was corrected in the free X1.01 patch. This patch is available here:

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team