problems importing reference type table into endnote X4


I’m trying to import a customized reference type table into endnote X4 on a PC. Although I am following all of the steps described in the endnote help file, the custom modifications do not get imported. In particular, the customized reference type table includes, among others, customized entries for unused2 and unused3. I looked at the xml file directly to confirm the modifications are indeed in the file that I’m trying to import, and they are there. However, importing the table does not import these types into endnote.When I export the reference type table after I have imported the customized reference type table and look at the exported file directly, none of the entries for unused2 and unused 3 show up. Thus, the importing doesn’t have any effect on the existing reference type table.

In the past, importing has always worked.

Any advice on what I could do to fix this?

Have you modified the references types directly in the XML file or did you change them in the EndNote Application and then exported the XML file?

If you have modified the XML file directly, please note that this will not work. XML files are proprietary and any modifications cannot be accommodated into the product functionality by directly modifying the XML file.