Problems with a missing ( in the journal article reference type

Hi everyone,

I’m in the final stages of my PhD, and I’m editing my footnotes. I’ve got a missing ( in the journal article reference type for my footnotes. It only occurs when I don’t have a date before the year in the parentheses, ie. there is a ( when it is (Winter 1997) but no ( when it is just 1997.

If anyone could help me out, that would be most appreciated! I’ve attached a screenshot of the current code in Endnote, as well as a screenshot for how it looks in Word, with an arrow indicating the missing (. They are in the zip file attached.

Any help would be great!

Thanks a lot.

Andrew Harrison (375 KB)

Author, “Title,” Journal, Volume|, no. Issue| (|Date |Year)|: Cited Pages|.

You need to isolate the date and associated space with the forced separation characters. And I did the same with the Issue, in case you have any with no issue and wanted to avoid the “no.” appearing without one.   I also took out an extra space after “journal” but not sure that mattered. seemed endnote repaired that automatically.  

So you can see it in the template, I attach an image but in future, it would help if you added the output style itself to your zip, because I could have fixed it in the actual style itself, faster, as I had to recreate your version to work on.