How to avoid "no." when there is no issue number in reference


Some of my journal references do not have an issue number, not because the data is incomplete, but because some journals only have volumes and not issues. For such references Endnote still includes “no.” but with no data. See below (red added for emphasis):

Newell Ann van Auken, “The Etymonic Determinatives of wanq (wanq, wanq),” Journal of the American Oriental Society 122, no. (2002).

And here is the format that I’m using:

Author, “Title,” Journal Volume, no. Issue (Year)|: Cited Pages|.

Is there a way for me to force it to simply leave out the “no.” when no issue number exists?



Author, “Title,” Journal Volume|,*no* Issue| (Year)|: Cited Pages|.


This is where you need the link adjacent “spaces”  (* in the above, but you need to insert it from the dropdown menu and it looks like a tiny diamond) and force separation (|) symbols around what you want to disappear if there is no issue number.