My Harvard referencing journal dates are not showing.. please help!

Howdy everyone xox

My endnote has gone bonkers when i insert a reference the DATE doesnt come up! What have I done?

EG… the intext reference looks like this:  (Collison et al.)****  

it should have a YEAR… the END reference looks fine but it also needs the YEAR , what has happened?

COLLISON, K. S., ZAIDI, M. Z., SUBHANI, S. N., AL-RUBEAAN, K., SHOUKRI, M. & AL-MOHANNA, F. A. Sugar-sweetened carbonated beverage consumption correlates with BMI, waist circumference, and poor dietary choices in school children. BMC Public Health, 10 , 234.

Id appreciate your help everyone xoxo thank you

I would like to add that even my APA references are not showing dates… something must have happened? P;ease help me… :frowning:

It sounds like the “Year” designation has been omitted from the two styles (Harvard, APA). It seems quite odd that the field is missing from both styles but in any event you could check each output style to see whether the citation and bibliography templates have omitted “Year” then add the field to the templates.

If you aren’t familiar with checking/modifying an output style’s template, an alternative method is to try replacing your files with “fresh” ones available from the EndNote website.  Download the two styles and see if these address your missing year problem.

Download EndNote style files at:

Sounds to me like you are putting your year in the DATE field instead of the YEAR field?