Problems with emerald filter

Dear all,

I’m trying to import a reference from Emerald Database to EN X2 using the Emerald import filter, as showed in Emerald bibliographic citation guide:

but it isn’t working. Has anyone had already this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,

Leonor Ribeiro

There has been a change to the format of the downloaded records. The tags are now preceded by tabs.

Once you have the text file of downloaded records, open it in Word. Use the Replace function to remove all tabs (i.e. replace tabs with nothing). Save the amended file. It must remain as a text file.

It should now import correctly with the Emerald filter.

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Thanks for your help. It worked, but that’s not practical. Do you know if thomson or Emerald is providing a better solution ?

Leonor Ribeiro

University of Engineering (Porto) Library

I would suggest that you contact the technical support people at Emerald, to see if they can remove the tabs from the download format. This must be causing problems for many of their customers.

I don’t think there is anything that can be done with EndNote to fix the problem. As far as I know, EndNote filters are not able to cope with records that contain tabs.

I think I’ve found an easier method, which is to modify the Emerald Filter:

  1. Go to Edit Filter>Templates.

  2. In the Tag column, insert the tab space (the blank spaces in your Text file - you can copy from the Text file and paste here) in front of each tag.

  3. Import your Text file with the new filter.

What this does is to tell the filter to read each tag with the extra tab space in front.

You only need to make changes to the filter.  Once this is done, you can use the text files exported from Emerald as they are without having to make any changes.

The problem with the Emerald output has been reported to the folks at Emerald.  They are aware of the issue and have their IT personnel working on a solution right now.  They apologized for the inconvenience, and said that they hope to have a fix in place soon.