excel import into ENX8, tab delimited


Sorry for another thread on this topic, but nothing seems to have helped me out.

I am having trouble importing a tab-delimited file into EndNote. The based on excel-file with the data is generated by another Database (LitLink). And since I have a huge amount of entries I would like to transport, I wanted to work with the *Generic function, so I can do it all at once. But I keep getting the following Error:

Tab Delimited Import Error:

Bad Field for this Reference Type – Editor

If I delete the Editor-Column, it’s the same Error-Message but with – Book Title

I have checked my Field Names and they seem to match up with EndNote (X8). I have removed all the " and deleted the Tabs after *Generic.

My tab-delimited Testfile is available as attachment.

I would really appreciate help on this, thanks a lot!

On a different note: 

If I open the .txt with UTF-8, the Problem is the same. But concerning this problem: there are a lot of “ä”, “ö”, and so on in my Data. Is there any way of importing them directly?

Thank you and greetings

Test_orig1.txt (12.4 KB)

It would seem that the Ref Type needs to be specified to Endnote and is missing, so it is picking up the next field name (Author/Editor) which causes the fault. 

Endnote has to have a Ref type, so it knows what the fields relate to.   – so I don’t think you can run with just using Generic if the output contains more than one kind of reference type?  If they are all Journal articles or all books, then you could hard wire the ref type in the excel/tab delimited document.  

You will need to use the Generic names of the fields so Editor would need to be Secondary Author and for Book Title and Journal you would use Secondary Title.

You also need to be sure to remove any carriage returns in the data since that would prevent the proper import of the data.

Thanks for your answer!
Indeed it would seem, that the empty fields (e.g. “Editor” in a Journal Article) cause the Problem. So either I put ghost entries in those fields or I import per Reference Type.

I thought that generic is just about that: being able to import several types at once. Was that a mistake?


edit: ah, I see, generic requires different field names. I think, with almost 1000 entries, it’s easier to go ref type by ref type. And thanks for the advice with the Carriage Returns.