Problems with JAMA style X4.02 for Mac

having all sorts of problems with formatting; I downloaded the update for this but still formatting journals with full names and putting things like “vol” into the bibliography. Help!


The JAMA style has been created to show abbreviated journal names, but only when a user has the abbreviated names stored within their Journals term list.  We have a pre-defined list of journal names, a file called medical.txt, which includes nearly 9000 terms based off of the Index Medicus list of terms.  The process for importing this term list is described on our website here-

Regarding the appearance of ‘vol’, I’ve looked at this output style and I see that the Generic bibliographic template includes this information.  If you’re citing a reference that does not have unique bibliographic template defined, the mentioned Generic template would be applied to this reference.  Additionally, if the library record associated with this reference does not include information within the Volume field, the ‘vol’ label may appear erroneously.  To troubleshoot this aspect of the formatting, please find a reference within the bibliography that is including ‘vol’, then let me know which reference type is associated to this record within your EndNote library.

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