Problems with X5 and 64 bit Word

1st PROBLEM:  I just upgraded from X4 to X5 and because X5 is compatible with 64 bit Word, I also installed 64 bit Office on 64 bit Win7.  The installation works if I open Word and then use the X5 tab to go to Endnote or add a reference.  However, if I open Endnote before Word, trying to use anything in the X5 tab results in an invalid class string error.  I can fix the problem by repairing Endnote in the Control panel.  Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

2nd PROBLEM:  I need to piece together many documents that were created with different Endnote libraries to make one document with one bibliography.  If I do this the reference list has duplicates.  Even if all the libraries have the “merge duplicates in bibliography” selected and I have the libraries open, I still have duplicates.  This is a major limitation for Endnote because I have lots of databases myself and of course other people have their own databases.  There should be a way to select the duplicates in Word and tell Endnote that they are the same in the merged document.