Proposing a New Style


If possible, I would like to have an EndNote Style I created added to the list of available EndNote Styles. How would I go about doing so? Here is the brief back-story and why it’s so urgent:

I work for a U.S. government agency that uses EndNote, and this agency has its own in-house style guide that it uses for reports (it’s similar to Chicago but has a few changes). I created an EndNote Style based off of our agency’s style guide, and I want it to exist in a central location so that all research analysts using EndNote can access it.

Here’s where things get messy: I put the EndNote Style I created on our agency’s network so that all computers in our network could access it, but our network is terrible and crashes constantly and is unavailable for hours at a time, which means that often times nobody can access this EndNote Style , which means nobody can get any work done. Rather than hosting the EndNote Style locally, if I could upload it to the list of 500-or-so Styles that are listed amongst the “Choose a Style” feature, my coworkers could access that Style consistently.

So how would I go about getting my EndNote Style added to the list of available online Styles?

Have a script copy them to the local default output styles directory?  Our institute installations of endnote replace the generic list of output styles with our in house preferred collection.  How is Endnote installed on your colleagues computers?  

Otherwise email it to them all, and have them open it and save it (using Endnote) locally to their desktops, which should be a local folder in their own documents/endnote/styles folder.