Put a single source in multiple categories

I’m setting up a bibliography with multiple categories in Word.  I’ve got the categories set up, and I have no problem importing references into the bibliography and then putting them in one category.  But there are a number of references that need to go in multiple categories, and I can’t seem to do that–whenever I try to put the same reference in a second category, it does it, but then removes it from the first.

Is there a workaround to this?

Having a bibliography that lists references by category is not unusual, however, listing the same reference(s) across multiple categories seems unorthodox. Is there a particular reason or publication requirement calling for this type of format? Also, how are you creating the categories – are you using Endnote’s “Categorize References” feature (available in the Endnote tab within the MS Word ribbon)?

It’s a list of books by thematic area; a number of these books address multiple themes.

And yes, that is the tool I’m using.

Thanks for the info. You will need to forgo the “Categorize References” function. In order to maintain repeated references across multiple categories there’s a workaround using Endnote’s “Sections” capability. Sections will enable creating a bibliography with multiple categories that include repeated references. Refer to image #1 for sample output - note the repeated references across the categories. (The formatting symbols are shown to better illustrate section breaks surrounding each category of references. Also the “Category x” header is just a placeholder for the actual title of the category)

The process is to:

Step 1. Use Endnote’s “Group” function to create the desired categories. Then drag and drop the appropriate references into each group/category (refer to image #2).

Step 2. Modify the output style so the bibliography will be created for each section (refer to image #2). Note when you modified output style the changes will be saved to a new output style file so change the setting in MS Word to use the new output style file.

Step 3. When creating the bibliography:
a) insert a section break;
b) type the name of the category and press Enter;
c) go to Endnote and click on the category to display the corresponding references then select all the references and insert them in the MS Word document;
d) edit the intext citations so the formatting “shows only in the bibliography” (and hides the in-text citation); then
e) insert a second section break.

Repeat a-e for the remaining categories and references.

Much appreciated, thank you!