Format is ok in reference list but not in footnote!

My footnote is ok but the reference contains double colons. How do I change rhis please as ist is ok in reference please?.

 Change.  London :: Cassell, 1954.


presumably, there is a field that is empty, but the style doesn’t have the punctuation correctly “link” with the field with “link adjacent” spaces and “forced separation” items.  Every potentially empty field should be isolated with the “forced separation” marks at least. 

Sorry leanne

Still lost.  I have changed things occasionally with instructions but it was so long ago.

Where do I go to change this?

<** the punctuation correctly “link” with the field with “link adjacent” spaces and “forced separation” items>. **

Can you send a link that exclains this please. Or in the help menue what  am I looking for?


I haven’t watched the whole tutorial (it is an hour) but check it out: It covers a lot of ground including these special characters.

Not sure if this tutorial gets to footnote templates, but that is where you would need to apply the corrections. 

You can also upload the output style you are using as an attachment, and we can look at it and tweak it. 

Ok thank you Leanne

I will do this in a few days.I don’t  know how I can upload to an atttachment. I will see. I did find something on saving filters etc. But it should all be located in the same back up.

This is your footnote question - not your backup question.  – when you reply to a message (or start one) there is a “Attachments” (choose file) at the bottom of the text entry window.  You Click choosse file and navigate to the folder (the Mydocuments/endnote/style folder) and pick the output style you are using.  If it isn’t there, it is a default one (and is located in the windows program folder/endnote/styles folder) and you can just tell us the name of it.  

Ok thanks Leanne

I will work on all these over te weekend .