Quickly change library window columns when switching reference types

I am working on different reference types.

When switching to another reference type, the columns to be displayed will be different, the headings will be different.

Now the method I know of to change headings is in Edit -> Preferences -> Display fields. 

But changing that is a lot of work.

How can I change the columns and the headings quickly?

Is it even possible?

The ideal case is that I put references of different type in different groups, and by going into different group, the library window columns and headings will change.

If that is not possible, then if they can change when switching to another library, that’s also good enough.

You can drag and drop the headings to the right and to the left or you can right click in the headings bar and tick and untick boxes of the headings to display and undisplay them, without going into preferences at all.  But they are set by Endnote on the computer, and are not library or group specific. If you change them, they stay that way, until you change them again, on that specific machine.  (You can do this in windows file folder view “details” view folder headings settings too.)

(Also, you can sort on any of those headings quickly too, just in case you didn’t know that either, so if you click on year, they are sorted by year, or click on title, by title. )