Rebuilding a library

Is it possible to rebuild a library from the .Data folder?  The recovery tool in EndNote isn’t working but the PDFs, at least, are present in the .Data folder.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  I’ve already tried creating an empty file with the same name and .enl extension, but that didn’t work. Thanks!

The only other thing to suggest, if that didn’t work, is to contact Thomson’s tech support, they may have other tools to rescue a library. 

I suspect if that trick (with the notepad created .enl file) didn’t work though, that you are working with a .DATA file tjat has been recreated with out the original info in it that you need to rescue or recreate the library.  If you try openning a disconnected .enl library for example, it creates a .DATA folder which could write over some or all of your original .DATA folder. 

Do you have a copy of  it backed up somewhere? Was it on a server that has accessible auto-backups?