Record Number changes when syncing form different computers

I guess this was addressed earlier, but would like to bring it to attention again, as it is quite annoying.

By default the record number is used to identify a citation in Word. Unfortunately the record number is not synchronized witht EndnoteWeb. Consequently, when synchronizing via EndnoteWeb on differenty computers the numbers do not match leading to mismatches or at least many changes when formatting the biblography.

The only workaround I found was to create a label and use label instead of the reference number. It would be great if the next version / update of Endnote would have unique identifiers for each entry which are synchronized across all computers.

Caution – the lable field can be a problem, as 12 matches 12 and 120 and 1012, etc. I found the ony way to reliably use the label was to force some sort of unique character at the beginning and the end (like LMW12%)  – I do WISH the developers would think thru this problem.  – They seem to assume that we never unformat and always use CYWY.

Thanks for your advice. I discussed this with my postdocs and students. We decied to put our initials as the first 2 charcaters.

Reagrding CYWY: I never use this option, as too many things change during writing and there is no need for a formated biblography. Further, it causes problems when working with multiple authors; formatting it one of the very last steps. Maybe you can give the developers an update and tell them that CYWY is not always used, I never use it!

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Yes,  I have it off too.  

I have moved to using pages as the constant, and rarely run into problems.