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I am currently working on a paper and during my work the record number of my endnote-group changed. So, the citations in word are not longer clear. Can I undo it and get back the old record number I used in my wordsheed?

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I have had the exact same problem. I am working in a team with a shared library and a colleague added some references a few days ago, and when I opened up Endnote today, the record numbers have changed and no longer match what was reference in Word. Can anyone help with this?

I think you need to call tech support.  There is a very specific order to jump back and forth with synced libraries and they may be able to help sort it out.  If they do – report back because many users are being bit by this.  

So it turns out you can’t truly and efficiently collaborate on projects with Endnote yet. With a shared library, if others make additions/edits, the record numbers are not retained once it syncs with the online library. So when someone else opens the shared library, the new references with appear with different record numbers.

  1. whenever someone makes additions/changed to library, they compress the file (.enlx) and send this file to colleagues. This calls for a very organised approach where only one person makes changes at a time and this file gets sent on each time (which makes the sharing function a bit pointless)

  2. Open the word document that a colleague has referenced, click on update citations. This links Word with the shared references and the record numbers will change (I have not tried this yet)

You are correct that Record Numbers are not currently retained when using Sync and Library Sharing. Because of this, we recommend the steps in this article when working on collaborative documents:

Jason, a better methodology has to be devised.  This is way too complicated, especially checking to ensure every citation is being pulled from the current library.  Ugh.  

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