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A search of these keywords gives too many hits… I spent 10 minutes searching before asking this, so sorry if it’s redundant.

Is it just me, or did the ability to modify/edit references in your EndnoteWeb library recently become disabled?  This is a problem, especially with old literature references from 60’s/70’s where the titles are in all CAPS.  Why would this function be disabled, or am I missing something?

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As far as I can tell you just click in the field you want to edit in a citation and make the changes you want and then when you are done click outside the field and the changes are saved.

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oh my goodness, you are correct, thanks!  it looks like, Endnote Wed actually improved wrt editing.  Before there was an “edit” link (that’s what confused me).  Now its editable with bold, subs, superscript, etc mods.  Great.