Reference field: APA citation

So, before I updated Endnote to the current version, I used to have a field at the bottom of my reference window that showed the APA reference for the article. I used it a lot when I was having bugs with Cite While You Write, so that I could just cut and paste the reference, or when I wanted to share only the citation.

It’s not there anymore and I’m not sure why. I’ve looked in help and through at least the first page of forum posts but can’t find info on how to get it back. Maybe I turned it off somehow. Can anyone help?



Hello Danelle,

If you are using EndNote X7 on a MAC you should be able to get the Preview Pane to show by clicking the Layour option in the Upper Right and changing the setting to either Bottom Split or Bottom Preview.

If you are on a MAC then the Layout option is at the bottom right and you once again want to select one of the Bottom options.

In addition to this copy paste option, once you can see the preview, remember you can also “copy formated” straight from endnote with ctrl+K on a PC (probably command+K on a mac?) and paste into the email or document.  This will produce a bibliography like output (according to the output style as defined in Endnote not the document destination).