Reference format: Nat Neurosci vs. Nat. Neurosci.

Hi folks,

I would like to have my references in the “Nat. Neurosci.”  formate rather than “Nat Neurosci” (i.e. adding “.” after each word). It seems that EndNote does not automatically add the dots. Any ideas? Thanks.

Zhicheng Lin


Is the issue that in your bibliography, journal article references are having their journal names abbreviated without periods, and you want it to abbreviate with periods?  If this is your issue, you would want to follow the steps in this FAQ:

Make sure that in step 10, you select Abbreviation 1, this is the abbreviation with periods.

That’s very helpful! Still, there are some references listed without periods, and some are listed as full journal names, although I selected the style “Progress in Neurobiology”, which should use the abbreviated with periods formate. I suspect that this might have something to do with the database: if the journals names are not listed then it won’t should show up appropriatedly? Thanks.


Did you first delete the existing journal terms? If they are unusual journals, you might have to edit the terms list to include them manually.  Also, you might prefer to use the journal lists that John East has compiled.  See for more information. 

Thanks for the link. The lists are more comphrehensive, although not complete. Anyway, I can edit some journals. Thanks. --Zhicheng