Reference listed in bibliography which is not cited in document

I have a reference which is appearing in my bibliography but is not cited anywhere within the document. I can’t see a way to manually change which references are listed in the bibliography. I have looked through the sources in the “Edit Sources” dialogue and it is not listed there. I’ve also searched the document for the title and only find it in the bibliography. Is there another way to confirm it is not referenced anywhere in the document? Is there a way to remove this from the EndNote generated bibliography?

I suggest two ways.  

Are you using an “author, year” style or numbered?  If Author, year, try switching to a numbered, in order of appearance (Science or Nature)  (which will also delimit the region that the citation is hidden).  

Endnote has two ways that a reference could be “hidden”  (@@hidden is appended to the temporary citation (and then the switch to numbered won’t help) or the author and year are “omitted” from the temporary citation {,  #2442} (in which case switching to number will reveal the citation again).  

{Wang, 1984 #4029;Crews, 1982, 83067444;Howell, 1997, 9009273;Zimmermann, 1997 #4337;figure, 2004 #5253;Goliger, 1992 #1350;Price, 1991 #2966;Pearce, 1992 #2973}  another one {,  #2442}  or {Author, Year #2442@@hidden} and if so, then the temporary citation would show this way ( after you “convert citations and bibliography” and select “convert to unformatted citation” option).  

I am not sure where “Edit Sources” dialogue  is – in windows, the ribbon option is to edit and manage citations - see attached image with the option circled.  The extra record should show up in that list too - in my image, I edited the citation to be hidden)  and you can delete it from the drop down at the end of it.  




Thank you! That fixed it. I was talking about the “Edit and Manage Citations” window and didn’t see it in there because of how it appeared, but did find it with the @@hidden and verified that was the cause of the problem.