EndNote X7 reference list problem

After writing my thesis I went through all of the references in the text to check if they match the reference list. There are few references in the list that don’t appear in the text and I’d like to remove them. If I go to “Edit Citations -> More” menu they are not there! It is possible that at some point of writing I included a reference in the list only that’s why it’s not in the text. How can I get rid of these unwanted references?

Thank you 

“Convert to Unformatted”  from Word’s endnote toolbar and the temporary citations will all appear, including those “hidden” something like this  {Malik, 2015 #5609@@hidden}.  Search for @@hidden and delete them.  

(added in edit) Then you will need to turn instant formating back on, or be sure to “update bibliography” before submitting.  

This solved the problem. Thank you so much.