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I am the beginner in work with Reference manager. I have a question if is it possible to change the Author’s field the way that I can enter several authors like e.g. UNICEF, USAID and other and it would be correct. Now the software does not accept format like that - it flashes red and I am afraid that if I continue, I will not be able to search those entries properly by author.

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I’m pasting a section from the Reference Manager 11 PDF manual that outlines how to enter group and/or corporate author names within your database-

"When entering corporate author names, enter them just as they
should appear, and preceded by an equal sign (=) to indicate that
author formatting should not be applied:

=U.S. Department of Agriculture
=Apple Computer Inc.

The equal sign is removed when you format citations and/or
generate a bibliography. Any name that is over five words in
length is assumed to be a corporate author."

The red text that you’re referring to comes up when a new term is being used within your database.  Essentially, it’s letting you know that this particular name has not been entered into this database before.  Since your two examples are one word group names, you don’t necessarily have to put in the preceding equal sign.  However, I would suggest doing so, just to enter the names in a uniform fashion.  Please let me know if this helps.

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