Reference Manager 12 displays

Have been using RM for 14 years - upgrading each time. Tried upgrading to V12 18 months ago, and went back to v11 beacuse of serious stability problems. Have now been instructed to upgrade to v12 so we can use Web Publisher, but we are having serious problems.

We have two people regularly updating a database which has over 70 thousand references, with lots of synonyms, keywords, etc., and adding about 4-500 citations a month, from Medline, Embase, journal sites etc. We were coping, with some stability problems, using v11, but wih v12, the second user does not seem to be able to open the database at all.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? I do not think that sorting the database by author each time we open it is going to be a sensible solution.

Also is there any way to stop RM defaulting to the full database list each time you open a reference to edit it? I have managed to catch and correct my first “copy field” which defaulted from the retrieved list to the full database list, but it is very irritating when you do “check for duplicates”, the possible duplicate citation opens, and the main display has skipped to the top of the full list, rather than continuing to display the ref you’re checking.

I have a week to sort things out before my boss gets back from holiday, when he will expect us to have found a workable way of using RM12

Sarah Cage

Senior Scientific Information Officer

National Poisons Information Service (Birmingham UK)