Refman 12 problems

I am having problems with RM11 databases that I have converted to RM12.  Even though I have converted into the new format, 90% of the time when I re-open the database (supposedly in RM12 format), it tells me it is still in RM11 format and read only.  Any suggestions?

How many database records are stored within this database?  How are you opening the database when you get the prompt to convert the database again?  Are you double clicking on the file, or opening it from within the program?  Where is this database stored on your hard drive?  I’d suggest opening the mentioned database, and at the same time, open a newly created database.  With the two databases open, click “References>Copy Between Databases…” to copy all of the records from your existing database into the new database.  After the record transfer has completed, are you encountering the same problem with the newly created database?

Jimmy McColery

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