Reference Type Template for signed article in multi-volume encyclopedia

I need some help on the proper template to use for a reference to a signed article in the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. This is a ten volume set; with both a translator and an editor as well as the author of the article.


Have you looked at “Encyclopedia”?  It looks like it has  author, editor, and translator fields. The problem will be that it is not always defined in the output style templates.  If it doesn’t look correct based on the generic template in your chosen style, then you will need to create a template in the style. 

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried Encyclopedia but it didn’t include the author’s name (of the signed article) nor the name of the article.

Will the help directory explain to me how to create a custom style?

Also, the articles in TDNT are in Greek. Is there anyway to get a Greek title in EndNote?

It sounds like you may need to modify both the reference type template and output style.  You can search Help’s “Search for Help on” feature using the search term: modifying  for “modifying style templates” as well as check the EndNote manual ( for information on modifying the reference type or style templates. You could also search the forum for past discussions on modifying the reference type template and output styles for information as well as provide a sample of the desired bibliographic reference to give forum users an idea of what to suggest regarding modifications.

FYI - There’s also an upcoming (Feb. 22) live EndNote training webinar on advanced topics. Go to  to register - locate the “Advanced Classes” section on the page.

*Edited additional comment:  Forgot to include that Greek titles may be accommodate in EndNote by first typing the title in MS Word then copying it into the Title field but note that EndNote’s default “Plain” setting (i.e., font, style, size) should be used. Another option is to use the character map but this is slower and more tedious than copy-and-paste.

Thanks very much.

This is the form the reference has to be in:

Gotlebb Schren, “entolh,” In Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, ed. Gerhard Friedrich, transl. and ed. by Geoffrey W. Bromiley, vol. 2 (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1964) , 545

I’ll see what I can figure out.

What style are you working on for the rest of the refs?

I have been using the book section style in Turabian.

I still suggest you use the Encyclopedia ref type as it has all the fields you requested.  You just need to edit the style template to something like

Author, “Title.” In Encyclopedia Title|, ed.^eds. Editor|, transl. and ed. by Translated Author|, vol. Volume| (City|: Publisher|, Year|),. Pages|.

I attach a style with that template

Turabian Bibliography Encyclopeidia.ens (58.2 KB)

Thank you very much. This will be a great help.