The Journal of Historical Geography

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I am fairly new of EndNote and I am not able to locate the standard template for
The Journal of Historical Geography ( Elsevier )
even if in the web site

they say:

Reference management software 
This journal has standard templates available in key reference management packages EndNote [...] Using plug-ins to wordprocessing packages, authors only need to select the appropriate journal template when preparing their article and the list of references and citations to these will be formatted according to the journal style which is described below.

References should be given in the following form:

Journal article:
S. Daniels and G. Endfield, Narratives of climate change: introduction, Journal of Historical Geography 35 (2009) 215-222.

Chapter in an edited book:
R. Edmond, Returning fears: tropical disease and the metropolis, in: F. Driver, L. Martins (Eds), Tropical Visions in an Age of Empire, Chicago, 2005, 175-194.

Book: M. Ogborn, Indian Ink: Script and Print in the Making of the English East India Company, Chicago, 2007.

Is there anybody who knows which one I have to choose?

Also, which is the reference type for a New Referece in order to create “Chapter in an edited book” kind (see above)?

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They should be refering to output sytles and not “templates” which are a whole different thing.  There is an output style for this journal available for downloading, if you don’t have it installed.  Go to the endnote website support pages and from there to output styles and type in Historical and you will see the output style.  Download it and save it.  It depends on what version of Endnote you are using.  If X2 or X3, you should be able to access it, but you might have to browse your output styles and select it so it is visible in the dropdown. 

Oh yes, chapter in an edited book would fit nicely into the book section reference type. 


@mic wrote:

Also, which is the reference type for a New Referece in order to create “Chapter in an edited book” kind (see above)?


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Thanks Leanne!

I actually figured the book section out and found this

[ of historical&BSRT=none&FF1=none&FF2=none&FF3=none&CITE=none&DKEY=64201050508HAA]( of historical&BSRT=none&FF1=none&FF2=none&FF3=none&CITE=none&DKEY=64201050508HAA)

that is exactly what you were talking about, but for some reason I cannot access it !

I use version X3

Could you send me what you downloaded?

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EDIT: I am sorry, I assumed you downloaded it while you didn’t…but seriously, I cannot save the file! :frowning:

Problem solved! It was PeerBlock

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