References appearing inside Tables really tick me off!

So … I’ve ran into the following problem:

  1. I have a document that must be in two columns. 

  2. I need to insert a large table that spans both columns at the top of a page in the middle of the document. 

  3. Because it spans two columns, I have inserted the table inside a textbox that I’ve opened up to span the 2 columns.

  4. There are citations within the table.

  5. I’d like my references to be “sorted by appearance”.

The problem: Every time I introduce new citations into the table, the bibliography automatically reformats to make the sort order show all references in the table FIRST, and then it goes back to the beginning of the text.  So even though the Endnote Style Manager shows that I’m using “sort by appearance”, it doesn’t really start on page 1 of the text.  No … it starts in the middle of the document, in the table, and then goes backward! 

Does anyone know a fix for this?  Please … help!


Hello EY,

The issue you describe, and its solution, are detailed in .

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It works!  Thanks for your super quick response (I think that was the quickest forum response I’ve received …ever!)  Formatting is a bit messed up right now.  Looks like I have to be careful about adding more text since it’ll likely move the graphics around unpredictably.

Sorry for the trivial question … what was a pain for me was obviously a piece of cake for you :slight_smile:



Since the FAQ link below no longer exists, here is the more recent link: 

See for a discussion of the likely cause (citation inserted into a textbox usually associated with a figure), but view  this recent solution to the problem which is a better fix than that oulined in the first link.