references to pages/paragraphs in bibliography

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How do I include a reference to a specific paragraph in bibliographies?

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Thank you very much for your answer! I just started using Endnote

For example a syllabus, in which I need to refer to a specific set of pages in each reference. I know I can do this converting a bibliography in plain text and adding paragraphs manually, but I wonder if there is a way to mantain a link with the library in order to update the references if I need to. Another solution could be to modify the style to include at the end the set of pages I’m interested, but what if I need a different set of pages in two different syllabus, or even in the same?

Alternatively, is there a way to use full in-text citation (instead of only abbreviated form)? This would be even better for my purposes.

I hope I am explaining myself…

It would still be helpful to actually copy in an example of what you are looking for.  I think it won’t be simple, unless you can use categories or subject bibliographies.  

Thank you again. I would like to draw a list of references, sorted by categories, each including a specific pinpoint to a set of pages.

I know how to divide the bibliography in different sections, but what I need is to directly editing bibliography.

I found this in the manual (p. 359): 

"Directly Editing Bibliographies (Microsoft Word)

It is always best to make changes to your final bibliography by correcting the data in the EndNote library, editing the output style you are using, or adding or deleting citations from your paper. Then, after making the necessary changes, format the bibliography to automatically make the corrections.

It is not always possible for EndNote to format the bibliography exactly as needed, so you might need to manually edit the formatted bibliography. If you must do this, remember that if you reformat a paper after editing the bibliography, EndNote will not preserve your edits. When EndNote reformats a bibliography, it deletes the existing one and puts a new one in its place.

You can edit the bibliography as you would any text. The bibliography may be shaded, but you can still edit it. If you later reformat the paper, your edits will be gone.

You can add text after the bibliography, but make sure to put it after the end of the formatted bibliography— outside of the bibliography field."

It seems that it is not possible to add pages to each entry using the “edit and manage citation” tool in word. Is there not another way to do this?

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Can you add the additional text you want to include in a new field and incorporate that into the bibliography template itself? It isn’t dynamic though.  And if you have two different “links”  you would need two separate entries or to combine the two “cites” into one, somehow.  

yes, the problem is that it is not dynamic and I would need to duplicate the references.

However, I found a feasible workaround adding a transparent footnote, eleiminating the line separator, and then using it as main text…

Thank you very much for your help!!!