Endnote with Apple Pages - Updating the bibliography

Hello Community,

I used Endnote for my dissertation, which I write with Apple Pages.

I have now encountered the following problem: I had to update an entry in my Endnote library due to an incorrect entry. However, this update is not transferred to my bibliography in Pages.

I have already contacted support, who confirmed that there is no solution. An update between Endnote and Pages is only possible if I delete ALL entries of a source and insert them manually. After referencing this about a hundred times in my text, I had to spend hours on this.

Please add this feature. It can’t be that you have to do such work because an absolutely basic feature is missing. The programme is simply far too expensive for that!

Luca Scholz, Marburg (GER)

In addition, it would be very practical to be able to manually adjust the table of contents in Pages, for example to enter additional data.