Referencing Statistics Canada (CDN census bureau equivalent) document.

Hello Everyone I am fairly new to Endnote so I am having a few difficulties. I am trying to reference a Statistics Canada document. I understand it’s a government document so that’s where I am starting.〈=en&db=imdb&adm=8&dis=2 I just have no idea what to put for the author, city, volume,issue, pages, etc, The only ones I know for sure are the year, title, and the government body. Is there a solid template from which I can reference this properly? thanks

What output style are you using?  Knowing the style will help identify what fields and data is needed to “fill-in” the reference type and determine the layout of the bibliography template.

Hi I will be using the Nature magazine referencing format.

Thanks for the info about Nature.  This along with the Statistics Canada website gives two key pieces of information:

  1. The reference focuses on a web page (Statistics Canada) so pages along with volume and issue numbers are probably unwarranted.  This observation is substantiated by point #2;

  2. The author submission guidelines stated by Naturefor preparing reference lists says the following about websites: “References to websites should give authors if known, title of cited page, URL in full, and year of posting in parentheses”.  

So based on this information, would recommend entering the following fields in EndNote’s “Web Page” reference type  (see image 1):

  Author:  Statistics Canada,

  Year: 2010

  Title: Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS)


  *Note: if the URL to the survey might change location it might be helpful to use the Statistics Canada’s main page.

The resulting output generated by the “Nature” output style is shown in Image2.



Thank you very much for your help Do you think this same type of referencing would work for other formats other than Nature?

Generally speaking, probably.  However, as a rule of thumb and good practice, always refer (and defer) to your discipline’s style manual, and in this case, the publication’s criteria for submitted manuscripts.