RefID in Title field


Please excuse me if this topic has been answered somewhere else.

Suddenly, I have Ref IDs within the title field after having copied between databases. Now, in the original and in the new database the IDs are also in the title field. Is there a way to delete them from both databases?

Thanks a lot for any help!


I understand how that happened but wonder if there is any way to delete these numbers from the title field other than manually…Thank you!

Here is the information on the issue with the number in the title field.

This happens on references that are copied to your database, either from an online search result or by copying between two databases, if the Field Numbers are set to be viewed.

If you are viewing field numbers and you copy between databases, a dialog box asks you which field you want to copy any existing RefID numbers that have to be renumbered in the references that are being copied into the database. By default, this number goes nowhere, but if your Field Numbers are visible, this number is copied to the end of the Title field.

To turn off Field Number viewing, go to the View dropdown menu and uncheck the “Field Numbers” option. Unfortunately, any references that already have these numbers in the Title field will have to be edited manually.

You could use the Edit then Find\Replace to look at the Title field and remove the number globally from all the references. You would have to do this several times if the Title field ends with different numbers.