Reference ID field changed from number to author date. how to I change back to a number Ref ID?


In the display box under Reference ID, each citation now has a Reference ID that is author and date.  I’m not sure how or why the display changed (I must have inadvertantly changed settings), but I’d like to have each citation’s reference ID be a reference number.  What do I need to do to change the display back to Ref ID with a number?



Hi Shelly,

The setting that you’re looking for is in Tools > Options > Reference Edit > Reference ID Assignment Mode.

There is no easy way to change your already-created Reference IDs, but you can edit them manually if you like. First, make sure that Tools > Options > Reference Edit > Assign Reference ID is unchecked. Then go into your references and manually edit the reference IDs. Next, go back into Tools > Options > Reference Edit and recheck the Assign Reference ID box.