RefMan 11.0.1 Error 12020

We have a very large citation database, and recently upgraded to RefMan 11 in order to not max out at 32K entries. Now, when we try to add new cites to the database, we get Error 12020.

What is that?

We are still using the orginal database file from RefMan 10 – does that make a difference?


This FAQ page may help:

Your specific error 12020 isn’t mentioned, I haven’t seen it before in my experience, but perhaps converting the database or rebuilding it would solve the error. I would wait to see if anyone else replies first – if your database is 32k entries, it may take over an hour for it to rebuild.

Hope this helps. 

Thanks – I rebuilt the database a little while ago, and that seemed to work. No idea what happened. Thanks very much.

Andy Hall