RefMan 12 - Windows mistakes file extension rmx for Real Media File

This is a recent problem a colleague and I have spotted when we try to open RefMan 12 libraries on our laptops.

We have no problem using RefMan12 at work (using Windows Vista Business) but whenever we try to open RM12 libraries sent as email attachments, our home laptops confuse the RM12 rmx files as Real Media files.

This even happens when trying to open the files from within RefMan12.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Kate,

As you’ve mentioned, both Reference Manager and Real Player use the .rmx file extension.  Depending on which program was last launched, the icons for these files may change.  Although the icon changes, the data within the file itself will not be affected.  When attempting to launch the Reference Manager database, you’d want to do so from the “File” menu inside Reference Manager, or by double clicking on the .rmd file associated with the database.  Please let me know if this helps.    

Best Regards,

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