Word 2003 w/ RM 11 --------->>> Word 2007 w/ RM 12?

I am a helpdesk agent for a university and I have a faculty member with a problem. While I am not familiar with this software, the following is the message (problem) that I received:

Hi. I am traveling & in desperate need of help as to how to fix the references in a current file. The file was originated in Word 2003 document with Refernce Manager 11.0 on another computer. This laptop has Windows 7 and and Word 2007 and I installed Reference Manger 12.0 on it (as I could not get a copy of the older version).


I have tried verything I can think of to get the references & bibliography to display correctly including saving the Word 2003 document as a Word 2007 document but it is not working. I am in need of finishing the editing of this document while I am away and have no access to my other computer. I was also trying to download Word 2003 but we no longer have that available on the (university) software center website…

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Could you ask the faculty member in what way the references are showing incorrectly? There shouldn’t be much difference in between the functioning of those versions other than how the interface appears.

Also, while this forum is great for input from the community, for fastest service with technical issues, you may wish to open a ticket with our support department