Removing Date

Thank you in advance for reading my post!

For reference, I am using Endnote X2 with Page 09 for OSX 10.4.9.

I am citing older sources, and want to cite as (Author, [Date Written] Date Published).  So, in Endnote I have formatted citations in this manner, using Author as Author, Date as Date Written, and Year as Date Published.  This works well.

However, for a given citation, I cannot seem to eliminate [Date Written], in the same fashion I can eliminate Author and Year.  Therefore, if I want a cite just with the page number, this is impossible, because instead of (Page Number), I get ([Date] Page Number), or if I want to cite page number and author, I will encounter a similar problem. 

I think that I would like [Date] to disappear after the first citation, because it is unnecessary that I continue (especially in the case of multiple cites) to say the date written as well as date published.  The natural fix to all this would be to put date in the first citation manually, but it cannot be in the suffix or prefix because it needs to come between the Author and the Year.  This would naturally fix the above problem, because I will not cite just the page number for the first citation, and because the whole solution would be manual.  However, even doing this manually would be problematic - imagine I move cites around then need to keep changing the first one to include the date.

I am a bit of a beginner at EndNote, and apologise if my inquiry seems too simple.



I guess I would take a page from John East, and hide year and put the information you want and , YEAR manually in the suffix.