Find (and delete) Duplicates?


I have questions about the Find Duplicates function as it doesn’t seem to be functioning normally.  MOST times when I execute the function, “Keep this reference” seems to put BOTH duplicates back in the library!  When I’m done, my trash is empty despite my choosing between duplicates.  Then, the duplicates that I skipped appear in the Duplicates temp group, but the keep/trash ones just fade back into the big library.  Thoughts?

Thanks!  Bryan

PS - Can I call that nice compare function for any two articles in my database or does the compare window only come up with the Find Duplicates button?? 

What version of Endnote and what build.  I just tested my ENX5.0.1 and had no problems.  They went to the trash, unless “skipped”.   

and the current version has no way to compare two chosen records.  It only comes up in duplicate search/comparison (and if you “find reference updates” to retrieve new or updated info for a record in your library). 

Sure!  It’s 15.0.1 b5774

Used on Windows 7 Pro with UAC on the lowest settings on an administrator acc’t.

The original library was up-converted from X1 or X2 at some point, but seems to be “normal” behaviour-wise. 

Sounds like a tech support issue then.  Ensure your library is being stored on an area that has real RW user access and not accidentally in the Program folder, (or dropbox, which has been known to cause problems) for example.  Also that you didn’t move it without the .DATA folder, which can cause unusual behaviours. 

You can use DuplicateFilesDeleter, it is fast way to find and delete all duplicate files :slight_smile: