Removing field codes adjusts spacing in Word document


This is my first post but I have been reading the forum for a while and find it very helpful. I am a medical editor who often receives files from writers who are not very familiar with EndNote. Most of what I know comes from troubleshooting their various emergencies.

Recently I formatted a 16-page Word (2016) document in EndNote x8. As a just-in-case for the writer (she had recurring issues using EndNote), I created a second version of the doc with all the field codes removed (Ctrl+A and Convert to Plain Text) for her to use as a back-up. However, I noticed that the second version was now 17 pages, and all the paragraphs were slightly “longer” than in the original document – the word count was the same and all the text was still there, but the spacing had been adjusted somehow.

I checked the paragraph, font, and page margin settings and can’t find the difference. I called Clarivate tech support and they weren’t familiar with the issue but said that, obviously, with field codes removed any adjustments will have to be made in Word setting.

I don’t need to change the spacing back to the original, I am just curious if anyone has seen the same phenomenon and whether it is normal or a sign that something has gone very wrong?

Many thanks,