Incorrect identification of repeated citations in Word Footnotes

Here is a sample of the footnotes in my Word 2010 Document:

[1] Van Doren, Encyclopedia Britannica_ _, Vol. 3, p. 27. See also: Louis. Collier’s Encyclopedia, Vol. 3, pp. 808-809.

[2] Ibid, pp. 99

Footnote 2 actually is “Van Doren, Encyclopedia Britannica_ _, Vol. 3, p. 99”, however Endnote seems to want to abbreviate it despite the last citation being Collier’s Encyclopedia, simply on the virtue of it being part of the same footnote.

How do I change it, so it only display Ibid when the immidiate previous citation was the same (but with with varying page number).

I have used Endnote X5 and X7 and both do exactly the same thing. I have tried to change the settings in … Edit Output Style>Footnotes>Repeated Citations … and it doesn’t do anything once I update the references in Word despite the changes.

Any ideas?

This sounds very much like the thread we have been having over here: