Cited Pages do not appear in the Footnotes when I Repeat the References


I have a problem when I am repeating a citation in the Footnote

I have updated my style and entered for a Repeated Citation the follwoing:

Ibid.|,*Short Title|,p.*Cited Pages

The problem is that it shows only the Short Title, then the “p.” and does NOT show the “Cited Pages”.

whatever style I use I encounter the same problem; I am sure I have entered, in my references, the page number in the "Pages"field 

I understand that “Cited Pages” should display the reference “Pages” field. for example If I have the following 2 references, 

N. BERDIAEFF, Royaume de l’Esprit et Royaume de César, Neuchâtel, Delachaux et Niestle, 1951, p. 24.

N. BERDIAEFF, Royaume de l’Esprit et Royaume de César, Neuchâtel, Delachaux et Niestle, 1951, p. 34.

then in the footnotes I only get:


1. N. BERDIAEFF, Royaume de l'Esprit et Royaume de César, Neuchâtel(Suisse), Delachaux et Niestle, 1951, p. 34.Ibid., Royaume de l’Esprit et Royaume de César,p. 

I am using Endnote X4.0.1 Build (4997) on Windows 7

Anybody can advise me on this issue. Is it a bug?


Could you attach your current style?  I did a few changes in the attached version of the Chicago Style, and if you insert the pages in the edit citation window, it works for me. 

The repeated Citations settings for Footnotes only appy to consecutive footnote citations.  To get the other repeating citations to use the correct short form, you need to make sure that each of the short form templates for the Reference Types in use, are correctly set up with the “short title” and the |, *p.*Cited Pages| at the end.  I just changed the Book and Book Section in the attached. 

Chicago 15th A Short form p.ens (55.2 KB)

Hi Leanne Thank you very much; I am new in Endnote Style Setting; your imput has solved my problem;

My 1st error was not setting “format citations in footnote " Same As bibliography” ; I corrected it to make it " Using Footnote format" (I don’t know why I have to do that but I did it based on an email from Endnote support)

the 2nd missing thing was that explained by you in your erply; that I have also to setup a " short form " for each reference types; I understood from you that this “short form” ill be used for subsequent repeated references that are not directly following the first appearence of the citation. I will explain for novice user like me:

-the first appearence of a citation will be fully reference based on the Footnote Reference type

-the citation just following this first one, it will take the “Repeated Citations” format

  • the citations that will appear later on (not-consective to the first appearence of the reference) will take the format of the “short form”

Am I right?

Find attached ny style after I have updated the Book “short form” based on your input.

Many thanks
testing.ens (32.1 KB)

Think that is correct. 

@elmorr wrote:


Am I right?


Yes I tried it and it is Right