Unwanted comma in repeated citations in Chicago 16th

Hi All,
I am hoping to pick your EndNote brains.
So here’s my issue:
In a repeated (but not consecutive) Journal Article citation, I have

Author, “Short Title,”| Cited Pages.

However, if I do not cite any pages because I’m just referring to the article in general, I’ll have this horrible thing:

Doe, “Title,”. :scream:

How do I tell EN X7 to add the comma only if there are cited pages? If not, I want to have:
Doe, “Title”. (Last name, “Title.”)

Any help you can provide is hugely appreciated!

Try editing the output style citation template, so it looks like this
Author, “Short Title”|, Cited Pages|.
This way the comma should only appear when there are cited pages.

Thank you, @knav, I had thought about that too, but the problem is that in Chicago 16th, commas must be inside the quotes, so if in the template I move the comma outside, as you suggested, it will always appear outside the quotes, even when there are pages cited.
Is there anyway I can keep the comma inside the quotes and make it so it appears only when there are cited pages?

Sorry I have no further ideas. I managed to get two quotes
Author, “Short Title|, " Cited Pages|." which might work once you converted to plain text and used find and replace. What you really need is a field substitution but there are very limited options here so I think you may have to go with your second choice. Good luck

Is one of these rarely needed? I would probably decide that when I didn’t want to cite specific pages, I still cite the whole page range! It isn’t worth the aggravation!

If that is the more common option (the whole book rather than cited pages) maybe use the suffix field and type in the pages and punctuation as you want them to appear after the short title… If you just had

Author, "Short Title

as the output, you can add ," 1-2 or ." after the endnote citation – manually. It might just look weird if you removed the first citation of that reference…

I agree footnoting in endnote is less than adaptable with respect to spacing and punctuation.

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