Replace author name with hyphens in case of subsequent works by same first author

Dear Endnote-community,

in my reference list, I would like to replace the name of the first author with four hyphens (----) if the first author is mentioned directly above.

One example: 

Smith, John and Jane Doe (2010), “Name”, Journal, 50-59.

Smith, John and Jake Dunne (2008), “Name2”, Journal2, 1-56.

should be displayed as

Smith, John and Jane Doe (2010), “Name”, Journal, 50-59.

---- and Jake Dunne (2008), “Name2”, Journal2, 1-56.

As of now, I only managed to replace all authors names by four hyphens if the author names exactly match all author names of the previous entry.

I’m using Endnote X7.2.1 (Bld 8311) with Microsoft Word 2013 and Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.

Anyone any idea how to implement this?

Best regards,


I honestly don’t think this is a possible in Endnote.  

Dear Leanne,

thanks for your swift response. As of now I indeed was not able to find a convenient solution to my problem. Manually changing works fine though…