Author name


Would you mind telling me how I can change author’s first and last name separator?

I mean I’d like my bibilography appear like “Obama- Barak, …” rather than “Obama, Barak, …”


I don’t believe that is an option in endnote.  The options are in the bibliography settings “Author Name” and choices are

Smith, Jane

Jane Smith or 

Smith Jane

Then you also have options for fullname, initials (A. B., A.B., A B, AB) or last name only).  

The only way I could see you achieving this, would be to laboriously change all your authors from Smith, Jane to Smith- Jane, (you would need that trailing comma at the end of each author name in the record) but then your citations would also be Smith- Jane which wouldn’t be good. 

Why do you want to display the author list in that way.  Is there a publisher that demands it?  

well, as you mentioned, this doesn’t seem to be easy to handle.

the reason I want to do so, is that in some languages we need another punctuation mark as a delimiter there.

In Farsi for instance, it should look like “اکبری، احمد”. while it’s “اکبری, احمد” now.

the only idea I was able to come up with, is to do a FIND & REPLACE in my word document after the final revision.

Can you enter it as surname-, firstname and then choose the option that has no comma, but then I guess all your citations would be surname-, year, which still needs you do to a search and replace to remove the hyphens.  Which might be easier than adding them all?  Depends on how many Farsi citations you have I guess. 

Since I’ve entered more than 1000 Farsi references, I don’t think your suggestion will work for me.

By the way, I have all my references in a xml file, so I can import them again and again. I tried using import filters -which we can set the character between first and last name, BUT … no luck. I mean I couldn’t get the filter work at all.

Do you think filters could really help?

Beyond my abililties to answer that, as I rarely mess with the filters or import.  Sorry.