Replacement of missing author name by newspaper name

Hi guys,

following problem with EndNote X7:

I don’t have the author for a newspaper so, according to the Harvard style, the author must be replaced by the name of the newspaper. However, I can only choose under “Anonymous Works” between leaving the author blank, replacing it by the title or putting in “Anonymous”. 

Could you please help me how to use the newspaper’s name instead of the author?

Thank you so much!

Is this correct?  – in that case you will really need to manually create the citation, have a dedicated ref type and blank the template for that reference type, so it doesn’t appear in the bibliography?  but if this is correct:  then the first solution below should work.  

If the newspaper name is used in place of the author in the citation and in the bibliography, you need to put that name in the “reporter” field with a comma at the end.

Then you need to construct the bibliography template to reflect the order of the fields as needed.  Currently, there is a “Reporter” field in the newspaper reference type set up.  If there is never a reporter, you would just put the newspaper name there.  

To help you remember, you could edit the reference type for Newspaper to read Reporter-Newspaper (see the attached preferences for the newspaper ref type which is edited thru the edit preferences) modify ref type, and changing the name of that field – and the template could be something like this for the bibliography:

Reporter-Newspaper. Year. Title|. Newspaper|, Issue Date|, p.Start Page|.

You would not put the newspaper name in the newspaper field for articles without a report name.  This field would be empty and not appear in the final product (and neither would the punctuation associated with the field name between the | characters).  

If the template is different for a article with a reporter beyond what you can achieve by dual purposing it, you may need to create another ref type with no-reporter newspaper articles, and include the correct template in the Bibliography for that ref type too.  

The alternative is to manually edit the citation (using the right click, edit citation), adding the Newspaper title into the prefix field, leaving the anonymous settings as “leave author blank”.