Replacing subsequent authors - URGENT

For the Accounting Review style, subsequent authors in the bibilography should be replaced by “—” (example below).

Baiman, S., and M. Rajan. 2002a. The role of information and opportunism in the choice of buyer-supplier
relationships. Journal of Accounting Research 40 (2): 247–278.

———, and ———. 2002b. Incentive issues in inter-firm relationships. Accounting, Organizations and
Society 27 (3): 213–238.

However, in EndNote, the replacement is for group of authors and not individual authors, i.e. Baiman and Rajan will be replaced with “–” and not “-- and —”, but a susequent paper by Baiman himself or with other authors will not have his name replaced. Is there a way to get EndNote to read and replace the authors individually as required by the journal publishers?

Or is there something in EndNote that allows this which I am not aware of?