Research Notes field in imported references

I have been using the Research Notes field in the book entries that I add manually, to put in commentary. However, as I’m a physician, most of my references are imported from PubMed (National Library of Medicine), and these entries don’t have a Research Notes field, at least in EndNote X6. I started entering commentary in the Notes field, but then my lack of consistency started bothering me.

Should I add Research Notes fields to these records and use them instead? If so, how?

Thanks for your thoughts.

There are two views for records:  One that only shows fields with information in them, (arrows pointing down, which says “Show empty fields” in upper right hand corner of the top of the displayed record) and all fields (which appear when you click on the “show empty fields” arrow and which then turns into a “hide empty fields” arrow pointing up).

You should then be able to find your Research Notes field.